These are useful web sites:
Before you buy from an Internet retailer and you have no clue if they are good or not (or even legit), check them out on this site!
The last time the US Congress did something outstanding was the great Interstate Freeway. This one is right up there with one of the best things that the government has instituted. List your number(s) and you don’t get any telemarketing calls. If you do, report it on the same site and the telemarketers will be billed a $10,000 fine. Each time. Stop the pesky varmints in their tracks!
You know all those commercials you see and hear about getting your free credit report? They are all scams to get you to sign up and pay an annual fee. This site above is the only real place to get your truly free credit reports without paying a dime. Ever! Use this and ignore all the scam sites!
Everyone complains about US Federal taxes. Well, some states are pretty bad themselves.Why don’t you check and see if you are in one of those awful states?
This is a dictionary aggregation site.Type in a word or part of a word to look it up in hundreds of dictionary site simultaneously.
Get the scoop on the true going rate for the skillset you have. Numbers are supplied by other contractors and consultants, so you get the current going rate.
Which site has the cheapest latest electronic anything? Try this site!Then use resellerratings (above) to make sure it’s a good/legit site before you buy!
Did the phone company or cable company promise you fast Internet speeds? Is it slower than the advertised rate?Well, now you can check out the speed of your line here!
Want to find out all the available statistics on almost any city in the US? Well, look no further than City Data!And it’s all free (and more comprehensive than most pay sites).
Do you get those emails with dozens of people in the cc and has an unsubstantiated stories, pictures, or links? Before you pass it on, do a fact check on so you don’t look like a fool! Then email the person who sent you the email and ask them to fact check on snopes first before they forward incorrect inforamtion out!