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How to Apply Powder Contour?

Close to finish this fab face!

Looking for a way to refine your natural features and add volume to your face? Yes, the dark contour is the answer. But before applying this product, you need to go through different steps, take a look at my previous makeup tutorials on:

After implementing all those tutorials, you should get a happy face like this one, or even more beautiful! ❤️

Cream Contour Highlight | Talc Cosmetics


Now let’s get some powder on!

#1. The Brush:

You will need a thick, round brush like this one or even bigger. Usually is the thicker brush of a set. It must be made of natural hair, as all the brushes that we use for powder products. You will also find mixed variations (synthetic plus natural hair) like this one; those can be used for cream and powder products.

Powder Contour | Talc Cosmetics


#2. Translucent powder:

White translucent powder will work best if you have applied cream contour before. If you haven’t, you can use loose powder matching your skin color. In both cases, the powder will “seal” the liquid/cream products you have applied before and matify your skin to avoid a greasy aspect.

Powder Contour | Talc Cosmetics


Apply the translucent powder, with soft short swept movements from top to bottom. Don’t push too hard, or you will remove the prior products you applied before.

Powder Contour | Talc Cosmetics


Important: Remove the excess of cream or powder products from wrinkles and skin foldings, with the mini Beautyblender sponge that I mentioned here.

Powder Contour | Talc Cosmetics


#3. Powder Contour:

You can find it in palettes or buy it separately, depending on your skin tone.

#4. The Brushes:

Work with an angled medium-sized brush made of natural hair to apply the contour in the cheeks, jawline, and forehead if necessary. Use a small blurring brush made of natural hair to apply powder contour in the nose.

Powder Contour | Talc Cosmetics


Apply the powder contour to reinforce the cream contour, in the same areas you applied it, without rubbing or brushing too hard. Check the tutorial on how to apply cream contour and highlighter to see the recommended areas for round/chubby oval faces like mine. 😁


Powder Contour | Talc Cosmetics


And that’s it! If you applied cream contour first, you would have an intense result like mine. If you didn’t, you’d get a more natural contour appropriate for day looks.

Powder Contour | Talc Cosmetics


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