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Should I Cover my Freckles and Moles with Makeup?

What’s the rule about freckles and moles?

First things first, there is not a rule written in stone about freckles and moles, so it’s up to you. If you really like them and you feel comfortable showing them around, you don’t need to cover them. However, if you want to show an even skin in your face or you need to disguise them a bit for a social event, this guide will help you.

Also, even if you love freckles, it is important to protect your skin against the sun negative effects. Every day, include a sunscreen after your moisturizer and before your makeup. If possible, include makeup products with SPF and PA protection.

Moles and Freckles | Talc Cosmetics


In general, moles are relatively easy to cover but, obviously, we are only referring to the color, there’s no way to disguise the lump they form in your skin, so take that into account. If you want to permanently get rid of a mole, you need to visit a specialist and follow their professional advice. Never try any home-made solution and don’t believe in any natural remedies for moles or you can end creating a much worse problem.

To cover moles, use concealer. See the type of brush you need and how to apply concealer in this tutorial.

  • Brown moles can be covered using yellow (lighter moles) or orange/salmon concealer (darker moles).
  • Pinkish moles can be covered using the green concealer.

Apply it with a tiny brush or with a cotton swab, covering only the mole. Next, cover the colored concealer with beige concealer according to your skin tone, dabbing lightly to avoid removing the first layer of concealer. Proceed with the rest of your makeup as usual. Check more makeup tutorials to improve your techniques.

TIP: Moles can be sexy, so if you want to “discover” one specific mole that you like, dampen a cotton swab and carefully remove all the makeup covering the mole.


Moles and Freckles | Talc Cosmetics



Depending on the final effect you want, you must look for more or less coverage. If you want to show your freckles, use products that give you less coverage, and vice-versa. Remember that your neck and cleavage skin must look even with your face. So if you cover your face freckles, you must repeat the procedures in your neck, cleavage, and shoulders if you’re gonna show them.

LESS COVERAGE (Show freckles): use light, liquid concealer and a thin layer of a light bb cream instead of foundation. Also, use translucent powder instead of colored powder. Skip powder if you have dry skin. Go easy with the contour and blush, above all if you have plenty of freckles. Avoid too much highlight at the end.

MORE COVERAGE (Hide freckles): use regular concealer to cover your eye circles. Then, use a cream foundation or TV paint stick, depending on the coverage you need. You can use translucent or colored powder, powder contour for the day and cream contour for the night. For the rest of the makeup, apply as usual.


Moles and Freckles | Talc Cosmetics

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