All the Cosmetics That Contain Talc Also Contain Asbestos? | talc cosmetics

All the Cosmetics That Contain Talc Also Contain Asbestos?

Is it safe to use any Talc Cosmetic at all?

I decided to dig a little bit on this subject since I’m a huge fan of talc cosmetics as you all my #talcmates now. So here are my findings, I hope they are useful for you to decide what products to buy or not. Good news is we don’t need to give up on talc cosmetics!

Some Background

Feminine hygiene and cosmetics were among the traditional uses of talc in our daily life. The first reason to use talc is the benefits that are due to its slip and adhesion properties. This asset is on all types of facial makeup powders such as shadows, makeup base, or blushes since it allows the products to remain on the facial skin. Another benefit is that it forms a film around the surface that refreshes it and protects it from other aggressions as part of those adhesion properties.


All the Cosmetics That Contain Talc Also Contain Asbestos? | Talc cosmetics


One of the more remarkable controversies of Talc applications dates back to 1978. The Public Citizen Health Research Group sent a letter to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), explaining their concerns about the safety of talc uses and their possible risks on human health. In this note, this organization claimed the banning of talc in drugs and cosmetics without conclusive results. Then, FDA answered that any risk from talc was related to contamination by asbestos, which was not necessarily present in all talc cosmetics. It is important to understand that the contamination with asbestos has been a problem only for some brands, and nowadays, the most important brands are very careful with the processing of the talc they use in their products. Safety is a big concern of the cosmetic industry, that’s why most of the brands we love have given a step forward to improve manufacturing processes and offer us safe products.


All the Cosmetics That Contain Talc Also Contain Asbestos?| talc cosmetics


Are There Asbestos-Free Talc Cosmetics?

As of today, the FDA indicates that it continues to investigate and monitor reports related to the contamination of some cosmetic products with asbestos. However, this organization points out that talc is used in many cosmetic products, such as baby powder and makeup, following the guidelines issued in the United States in 1976. These guidelines established the elimination of asbestos from commercial talc products, so from that date until now, the technology has evolved, ensuring that we can have better and safer products today. We can happily say that many cosmetic brands use free asbestos talc in their products. Do you want to know what brands and talc cosmetics are safe to use? Check the FDA list to be sure before buying your cosmetics.

Finally, in 2015, the International Journal of Toxicology 2015 published a study about the Safety Assessment of Talc as Used in Cosmetics. In that assessment, a Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel CIR Expert Panel concluded that “talc is safe in the present practices of use and concentration.”

I’m happy and relieved! Aren’t you? Please, let me know what you think in the comments below.

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