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How to Apply Cream Contour & Highlight?

One step more to look gorgeous!

Hey, girl! If you are here, I guess you have already mastered the previous makeup tutorials, right? If you haven’t, please quickly check the one on how to apply concealer and the other one on how to choose and apply foundation. Then, come back here! 🤗


Now, let’s go!

After applying concealer and foundation, your face should look free of imperfections, with an even skin tone, and as happy as me!

Foundation Tips | Talc Cosmetics


Now, let’s perfection it with contour and illumination. But, first, I have to clear up that this technique applies to oval/round faces like mine. Coming soon… a tutorial on face shapes and how to apply contour, highlight, and blush.


This dark color is used to hide and zoom out areas of your face. It is fundamental to add volume and create the effect of a more symmetrical face. Also, you can dissimulate some features that you don’t like too much. In my case, I wish my nose was narrower so my face looks less chubby, and I use concealer to create the effect I want. To apply concealer, use the same brush that you use for foundation.

Cream Contour Highlight | Talc Cosmetics


For round or chubby oval faces like mine, the recommended application goes like this:

  1. Draw a strip from the top of the ear in direction to the lips, from thick to thin, finishing more or less under the external end of the eye.
  2. Draw a strip from the bottom of the ear in direction to the mouth, following the jawline, finishing more or less under the corner of the lips.
  3. Draw two parallel lines, from the nostrils to the beginning of the brows, and cover the nose sides too.
  4. Draw a line from one temple to the other one. If your forehead is narrow, skip this step.

Cream Contour Highlight | Talc Cosmetics



This light color is used to illuminate, zoom in, and focus the attention in some areas of your face. Together with the contour, it gives depth and volume to the face. For a day formal social event or the office, use matte illumination. For casual hangouts, parties, nightlife or night social events, you can add some sparkly illumination to your makeup. To apply it, use the same brush you used for concealer.


Cream Contour Highlight | Talc Cosmetics


Again, this is the technique for round faces or chubby oval ones. Like mine. 🙉

  1. Apply illumination in your “T” zone, above the brows and over the nasal septum.
  2. Highlight your cheekbones, below the eye circles.
  3. Illuminate your Cupid’s bow.
  4. Apply highlighter on your chin.
  5. Draw two lines, to “frame” the contour in your cheeks and jawline (As you see in the pictures).

Cream Contour Highlight | Talc Cosmetics


Next step is blurring the contour and highlight, to avoid having all those strips making your face look weird. You will need a Beautyblender sponge, like this one that I have. Moisten a little bit the sponge with water and squeeze it before using for better results.

Contour & Highlight | Talc Cosmetics


Use the round side of the Beautyblender to blur the wider stripes of contour, and the pointy side to blur the narrower lines of highlighter. I usually start with the contour and finish with the highlighter but there’s no official rule for this; as you can see here below I did it for sections this time and it went well.

Cream Contour Highlight | Talc Cosmetics



Cream Contour Highlight | Talc Cosmetics


And voila! Here is my picture for reference. The important thing is that at the end of the process your face doesn’t show any strip or lines of product, so you need to blur all that thoroughly.

Cream Contour Highlight | Talc Cosmetics


Please let me know if it worked for you, and show me your pretty face on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtags #TalcCosmetics and #TalcTutorials. Remember that I’ll be posting many more tutorials here and that I believe in #RealMakeupForRealWomen. Keep up practicing! 🤗

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See you next time!



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