The Natural Look – A Hot Makeup Trend for 2019

No Makeup??? What the…?  😵😱

We saw it in Milan’s Fashion Week, prevailing in the spring-summer runways as a winner: the natural look. But don’t panic and don’t get discouraged by this trend. It is not at all about a total absence of makeup. Keep reading and discover all the tips and tricks to get a flawless “natural look.”

What’s the No-Makeup Makeup?

The No-Makeup Makeup is about a fresh, young look, that can be achieved by paying attention to color match, and the use of earthy and nude shades.


No-Makeup Makeup | Talc Cosmetics

Runway Ideas for No-Makeup Makeup

#1. Shiny Lid:

Use a touch of metalized eyeshadow in an earthy brick-orange tone, to focus the attention on the eyes. A delicate touch of bronzer blush in the cheeks and nude lips.

#2. White Light:

Naked face and lips with a satin-finish with eyeshadow under the brows and covering the crease and lid.

#3. Natural Brows:

Don’t overcharge or over define your eyebrows, just apply a little bit of brown powder to give some shape. Finish with a layer of transparent mascara.

#4. Warm Cheeks:

Another option is to add reddish blush on cheeks and lips while omitting eyeshadows, to evoke romanticism and sexiness. The final touch would be a cream highlighter to add light and freshness.

#5. Oustanding Eyelashes:

Apply several layers of a thick black or coffee mascara, to let eyes dominate the face. Combine with nude, matte lips and nude face. For a better aspect in photography and video, add fake lashes.

#6. Subtle Smokey:

Using the classic smokey technique, apply and blur a light coffee color like mauve, caramel, or hazelnut.

#7. Warm and Shiny:

Use three shades of orange eyeshadow, plus a highlight touch in the middle of the lid.


No-Makeup Makeup | Talc Cosmetics


How to Do the No-Makeup Makeup?


Check my basic skin-care tutorial to learn the three steps to prepare your skin before applying makeup. Finish with a layer of primer.


For the No-Makeup makeup look, go easy with coverage. Apply light liquid concealer to cover eye circles and the most visible imperfections. Then, use liquid light foundation matching exactly your skin-color. Finally, apply cream contour and highlight, and blur them with a Beautyblender humid sponge. Remove the excess of product and make sure the face doesn’t look greasy.


Apply a light layer of translucid powder with a brush and cream bronzer as blush.


Check the runway tips here above and choose your favorite style for the eyes.


You can go from popsicle to nude in the lips, plus a layer of gloss.


No-Makeup Makeup | Talc Cosmetics


Great to have you reading this, gorgeous! I hope these tips can help you get the No-Makeup Makeup or Natural Look. Please try it, I wanna see how you do it, share your pictures on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtags #TalcCosmetics #TalcTutorials. Also, share your favorite brands and cosmetics to achieve the No-Makeup Makeup and we will feature you! Just use the hashtag #TalcToMe and we will do it! How about that?

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