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How to Choose and Apply Foundation?

A fab style starts with the right foundation!

The right foundation and its correct application can make a great difference in your makeup. It is important in your daily makeup routine and fundamental for special events or any activity where you will be photographed. Here below, my step-by-step tutorial to correctly choose the foundation color and how to apply foundation. For the previous step, check my tutorials on basic skincare and how to apply concealer.


#1. The Foundation Brush: to apply foundation, you will need a flat, rounded brush, similar to a cat’s tongue. It must be made of synthetic hairs, as all the brushes to apply liquid products.

#2. Perfect Match: in general, you need to buy a foundation that matches exactly your skin color. However, you can go a half-tone darker for a night social event or if your body is a bit more tanned than your face. When you buy it, try the foundation on your face; it must completely disappear when you extend it.


Foundation Tips | Talc Cosmetics


#3. Using the brush, apply foundation covering all your face, with light tapping movements over the areas with concealer, and top-down vertical swept movements in the rest.

Foundation Tips | Talc Cosmetics


#4. Check your face in the mirror to verify that there are no spots without covering.

Foundation Tips | Talc Cosmetics


#5. The beautyblender sponge will help you remove the excess of foundation for a more natural result.

Foundation Tips | Talc Cosmetics


#6. Tap your face very gently, blurring and extending the product. Don’t forget to blend the foundation in the hairline, ears, and jaw.

Foundation Tips | Talc Cosmetics


#7. Remove the excess of foundation from wrinkles and skin folds and check the final result in the mirror to make corrections if necessary.

Foundation Tips | Talc Cosmetics

Thank you for reading, beautiful! 🤗 I hope this guide helps you achieve perfection when applying foundation. See the tutorial on how to apply cream contour and highlighter. And please, share your comments here below and your pictures on Instagram with the hashtags #TalcCosmetics and #TalcTutorials.

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