Top 10 Best Mascaras 2019

Top 10 Best Mascaras 2019

So many choices, it’s overwhelming! 😅

When I decided to make my review of the best mascaras for this year, I didn’t know it was going to be difficult. OMG! There are sooooo many great brands in the market; you want to invest a million and get all of them to use a different one every day for life. But to make my treasure hunt easier, and find the best 10 mascaras to buy in 2019, I have read many reviews and obviously the guides of the most fantastic beauty gurus. After choosing around 25 mascaras to try them personally, this is what I’ve concluded.

Well, first I have to say that I wanted to include different prices, and I guess I sort of made it. However, there are not many drugstore pieces since that mascaraland is too wide on itself. Maybelline, L’Oreal, and Revlon offer many, many safe options that you may try, but I tend to go for THE brands and the ones that everybody is talking about. If you’re unsure about how to choose a mascara, take this quick test designed to help you out. Ok, here we go!

1. Benefit | They’re Real! Mascara – $25

I was doubtful about this one. It is a favorite of favorites among mascara reviewers, but I still felt suspicious because it’s not a classic brand. Nevertheless, I have to say that it REALLY delivers what it promises. This mascara lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts, and separates lashes. If you want to catch all the attention, and have people asking if your lashes are real, They’re real from Benefit is the perfect choice for you! I guess the main feature that makes it unique is its exclusive brush with a ball in the point, which allows you to reinforce the base of the lashes with no clumps AT ALL! It is not the most affordable option in the market, but most reviewers agree with me that it is totally worthy. Also, it has been awarded by Glamour, Temptalia’s Readers, and Allure Reader’s, so it’s not just me!

Benefit They're Real | Best Mascaras 2019

©Benefit Cosmetics |


2. Too Faced | Better Than Sex Mascara – $24

My curiosity started obviously with the name. Anything better than sex MUST be good, right? Well, after trying this one, I can say that it definitely beats some hot encounters I’ve had in my life. The mixture feels like velvet in your lashes, and in fact, Better Than Sex Mascara from Too Faced is gluten-free and paraben-free. Also, if you are an eco-friendly person or even vegan, this is your weapon of choice. This mascara is cruelty-free, so you can look voluptuous and be environmentally responsible at the same time. Better Than Sex Mascara was the Influenster Reviewers’ Choice 2018, and not only because of its name. Too Faced recommends to use several layers to increase drama but, believe me, you will notice a massive difference from the first one. The hourglass shape of its brush will curl your lashes, and its peptides will nurture and condition them. All in one!

Too Faced Better Than Sex | Best Mascaras 2019

©Too Faced Cosmetics |


3. Charlotte Tilbury | Full Fat Lashes – $29

This one is painful to buy, but it can really make a difference in your night looks! It may look very traditional (nothing catch your eye at the beginning), but Full-Fat Lashes from Charlotte Tilbury comes with a 5-grooved brush with fine-tipped bristles. This mascara is a guarantee for drama, so maybe don’t use too many layers during the day. After a couple of layers, my lashes looked super fluttery, and it lasted the whole day and night. It is as impressive as it seems to be. So if you are not in a budget and want to go bold with a prestige brand, this glossy-black option may be your perfect mascara.

Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes | Best Mascaras 2019

©Charlotte Tilbury |


4. Lancôme | Hypnôse Doll Mascara – $27.50

This variation of the classic Hypnôse is perfect for those who want to look flirty. It separates and lengthens lashes for a real “doll lash effect,” which is what they promise and deliver. However, if your lashes are a bit rebel like mines, this mascara may weight them down a little. That said, for soft lashes or the ones that will submit to the power of an eyelash curler, Lancôme’s FiberShine™ formula will work like magic. Hypnôse Doll Mascara from Lancôme is your choice if you want to volumize and extend to get a sexy wide-eye look, thanks to its cone-shaped brush. And it will take you from the beginning to the end of your day. Go for it!

Lancôme | Hypnôse Doll Mascara | Best Mascaras 2019

©Lancôme |


5. Max Factor | Masterpiece Max Mascara – $8.99

The reloaded version of the classic Masterpiece Mascara offers volumizing. However, I would say its strongest feature is the natural look it can give you after one single layer. This drugstore mascara is the hidden jewel of this blog. For that small price, you can get an exquisite look for the night after layering it a couple of times, or a completely natural look for a laid-back journey at college or the office. If you are a fan of the no-makeup makeup trend, “Masterpiece Max Mascara from Max Factor” is your best alternative. Its flexible brush will indeed deliver separation over volume. That is why it is often recommended for people with sensitive eyes or allergies or those who don’t stand the heavy feeling of other thicker mascaras.

Max Factor | Masterpiece Max Mascara | Best Mascara 2019

©Max Factor |

6. Dior | Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume – $29.50

This Dior creation is perfect for fake lashes lovers that hate all the gluing mayhem, just like me! Get all the fake glamour of mega-long lashes for a wow look, but decide how much drama you want in your eyes. With Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume from Dior, you can literally pump the exact amount of volume you want by squeezing the tube (or not).

Dior | Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume | Best Mascaras 2019

©Dior |

7. Clinique | High Impact Mascara – $19

Well, what can I say about Clinique that hasn’t been said before! This brand offers the cleanest formulas on the market, with no parabens, no phthalates, and no fragrance. This mascara is even ophthalmologist tested! So if your eyes water easily, you have sensitive skin, and you want to prevent any sort of reaction or allergy, it is time to try High Impact Mascara from Clinique. The best of all is that caring for your skin doesn’t mean to be boring! You don’t need to give up on mascara. This mascara adds volume and length to your lashes and separates them, leaving no clumps behind.

Clinique | High Impact Mascara | Best Mascaras 2019

©Clinique |


8. Isehan | Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl Mascara Super WP – $12.97

Hey, don’t be fooled by the low price and the manga comic package! When it says “super waterproof” is not child’s play! This Japanese mascara has become popular because of its stay-put superpower. For me, the Kiss Me Heroine Mascara from Isehan did the job the whole day long. And it won’t smudge! No matter if you cry, sweat, shower, go to a sauna, dive into a swimming pool, stand outdoors during a hailstorm, etc. I mean, your eyes will come out first! So this is a drugstore choice for extreme situations, let’s say. To remove it, use a good oil-based cleansing product and be patient.

Isehan | Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl Mascara Super WP | Best Mascaras 2019

©Isehan |

9. Marc Jacobs Beauty | Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara – $26

This mascara is one of the favorite choices for makeup artists, and I got why, after trying it. It has the perfect texture, not too dry and not too wet, which gives you absolute control of the lashes finishing, coat after coat. With just one layer, it provides both a right lift and also volume to the lashes, and the carbon-black color is something else. The Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara from Marc Jacobs Beauty is definitely a good investment for a classic taste.

Marc Jacobs Beauty | Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara | Best Mascaras 2019

©Marc Jacobs Beauty |

10. Benefit | Bagdal Bang! Volumizing Mascara – $25

Volume, volume, volume! That’s the magic word that brings Benefit again to my top 10. This perfect circle open and closes with Benefit for good reasons. If they’re real! Promises to give you super long lashes, this one is all about super volume. It also lengthens, and curls, but the more significant change you will notice is the volume of your lashes. The exclusive feature that makes Bagdal Bang! Volumizing Mascara from Benefit so unique is the aero-particles it contains (derived from space technology). That’s maybe why it may stay put as long as 36 hours! Anyway, It is so dramatic that it will be a better choice for a night event, so keep that in mind. This waterproof mascara is perfect for a party night; two coats are enough to give that extra sexiness to your look. So give it a try and don’t break too many hearts!

Benefit | Bagdal Bang! Volumizing Mascara | Best Mascaras 2019

©Benefit Cosmetics |

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