Eye Shadow Palette Trends for 2019

Eye Shadow Palette Trends for 2019

2019 Is All About Impact

Yes, the natural look was the hottest trend at the end of 2018, but let’s face it: we love makeup! And even if you don’t want to look excessively covered by layers and layers of makeup, you still want to make your eyes pop up and open. The best trick is to use the right eyeshadow colors, depending on your eyes, hair, and skin tone. Beyond the classical trends in eyeshadows, in 2019, you have the opportunity to wear bold, impactful colors to make reliable statements with your makeup and your personality every day. Be bold with your convictions AND your makeup, it’s trendy, and it’s sexy.


Eye Shadow Palette Trends for 2019 | talc cosmetics
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How to Combine Eyeshadow Colors?

Usually, eyeshadow palettes contain colors that match and offer beautiful results but, still, you need to know the basics to avoid any mistake that may produce the opposite effect.

The first thing you need to know is that there are cold and warm colors. Don’t be scared! You don’t need to study the chromatic circle fundamentals in detail, use your intuition to differentiate those colors that evoke a warm sensation from those who transmit coldness. If you have fair skin, light hair, and eye color, cold colors will highlight and embellish your natural features. For dark-haired women with dark skin and eyes, the best matches are warm colors, which will enhance and beautify your traits. To go safe, you can combine exclusively warm colors with other warm colors, and cold with cold undertones.

Some warm colors: red, wine, yellow, gold, orange, brown, bronze, beige, fuchsia, lime green, apple green, coral, cantaloupe…

Some cold colors: blue, silver, purple, cold greens, pink, turquoise…

Neutral colors: white, black, gray, plumb…

NEVER combine:

Brown and gray, brown and sky/pastel blue, red and fuchsia, silver and gold, silver and brown, etc.


Eye Shadow Palette Trends for 2019 | talc cosmetics
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What colors are best for my eye color?

This section is an essential guide to choose the best colors to make your eye color shine and wow everybody.

Green eyes: lilac, purple, violet, reds, bright gold, bronze, coffee…

Blue eyes: orange, yellow, gold, light coffee…

Gray eyes: pink, red, intense purple, beige…

Honey/Hazel eyes: wine, purple, intense blue, navy, turquoise, green…

Brown eyes: light coffee, mauve, plum, all shades of green…

Don’t forget to harmonize your eyeshadow also with your hair and skin color, and your clothing!


Eye Shadow Palette Trends for 2019 | talc cosmetics
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What are the eyeshadow trends that I can use every day?


#1. Go Bold

Yes, this is the best year to show your personality at its fullest in your makeup. Choose your favorite color following our guide for your eyes, hair, and skin tone. First, highlight your eyebrow bone with a light neutral color, like white or beige. Then, cover your lid with a solid shade of the chosen color from the tear duct to the outer V. In the runways, we saw intense blues, pinks, yellows, and greens, but choose one that makes you feel comfortable. Then, blur the color along the crease, mixing with the light illumination you have applied first. Finally, add a darker color in the crease to add deepness, “lift” and frame your eyes.


Eye Shadow Palette Trends for 2019 | talc cosmetics
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#2. Be Gold

Silver and bronze were very trendy last year, but in 2019 gold seems to prevail in all runways. So feel free to give a royal look to your eyes, the shiny the better so don’t be afraid of shimmer and glitter. Too much for an office day look? Try to add gold to your usual eyeshadow combination, applying it in the middle of your lid and blurring it with the other colors. It will instantly spark your eyes without screaming “party-girl” at the office.


Eye Shadow Palette Trends for 2019 | talc cosmetics

#3. Color Your Eyeliner

Do you feel stuck in your black eyeliner? Good news! In 2019, the trend is to use color eyeliner. Try to choose a color that harmonizes with your eyeshadows, and do the lines depending on your eye size. If you have small eyes, opt for a thin line, which won’t make them look smaller. For a big eye, feel free to go thick; a cat-eye style is perfect!


Eye Shadow Palette Trends for 2019 | talc cosmetics


#4. Glittermania

Fear glitter no more! 2019 is the glitter year! Let yourself experiment with different colors and textures of glitters until you find the ones that go better with your style. Again, goldish glitter goes better with warm colors and silverish glitter with cold undertones. Use a thin layer for the day and thick solid layers for the night or special events.


Eye Shadow Palette Trends for 2019 | talc cosmetics
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#5. Green! And Not With Envy!

Yep, I know. Green? Really? Well… open your mind, because green comes with all forces in 2019. For those women like me, who have green leftovers in all your old palettes… it’s over. Dare to use green and try different approaches. Always, keep in mind that depending on the green tone, you can match it with warm or cold colors. Celebrities like Emma Stone and Issa Rae have arrived at the red carpet wearing fabulous green eyeshadows brushed up in their lids. Also, there are so many shades that possibilities are endless, all depends on your clothing and complexion. Start with something not too daring to get used to it, but once you feel comfortable, you can level up to a more intense shade. Build it up!


Eye Shadow Palette Trends for 2019 | talc cosmetics


#6. Soften Smokey

I can’t get enough of the classic smokey, but for those who are looking for a new twist of the sexy, vibrant smokey look, there are new options for everyone. Yeah, you can go lighter by replacing the black eyeshadow with another shade. You can try smokey eyes in a wide variety of colors, but the most popular are amethyst, wine or coffee. Don’t know how to get this effect? Stay tuned to get my smokey eye step-by-step tutorial. Do you want to get a notification? Subscribe to our newsletter, to get our news, offers, hot trends, invitations, and much more right in your inbox! What are you waiting for? Click here!


Smokey Eye Tutorial | talc Cosmetics


#7. “Natural” Brows

We have seen runways with horror, I know. All those girls were looking like they never waxed their brows in their lives. Yeah, it’s a trend, we may not like it but using our brows excessively defined or with too much makeup can clash a little bit these days. So let’s go to the middle ground. Groom your brows like usual, trying not to go too thin or too round. Apply a touch of powder brow shadow (a coffee shade or eyeshadow will do if you don’t have the special kit) and define the shape of your brows without too much intensity. Finally, apply transparent mascara to “seal” the powder and look fresh the whole day.


Eye Shadow Palette Trends for 2019 | talc cosmetics


What Are the Eye Shadow Palette Trends for 2019?

In general, the inspiration comes from earthy, sunrise, and sunset colors. Here below, I leave some references for you to get ideas. I’m sure you can find the right colors in your favorite brand. BTW, let me know in the comments what palettes and brands are your favorites and why.



Choose palettes with coffee, mauve, paprika, chocolate, and beige shades. A classic that won’t let you bankrupt is the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow and Liner. It comes in different variations, and it’s safe for people with sensitive eyes. My favorite is Warm Nude.


Physicians Formula | Eyeshadow Palette | Talc Cosmetics


Sunrise & Sunset:

Check these two palettes I got! I love them! They are from Beauty Creations, and I can tell you they have amazing stuff. These two are just part of my collection! You’ll see them a lot in my make up tutorials. You can combine the color in each palette and also both palettes with each other; you’ll get spectacular results and with great coverage.


Beauty Creations | Talc Cosmetics


Do you have more ideas for eyeshadow palette trends? Share them with us in the comments!

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See you next time!





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