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How To Apply Concealer?

Eye circles, redness, stains, pimples… Agh! Good thing there is concealer!

In this tutorial, I will guide you step by step in the use of concealer. I will show my face, you just have to adapt these steps to the imperfections you have any day.

#1. Are you serious about concealer? Then, you need a concealer palette, my dear friend! These are mine, as you can see I use them a lot! (Sorry for the mess, hehe)


Concealer Tips | Talc Cosmetics

As you can see it contains different colors similar to skin tones, but also there are weird colors like green, pink, orange, lavender, yellow… What the heck? Well, depending on the type of imperfection you have at some point you will need a specific color to cover and hide it. That is why I have these two palettes and you should get something similar, at least with the most common concealing colors:

  • Yellow: It will cover your eye circles if you have a light skin tone.
  • Orange: It will cover your eye circles if you have medium to dark skin tone.
  • Green: It will cover redness and red spots and stains.
  • Lavender: It will cover brown imperfections and stains, such as vitiligo (see on my Instagram how I covered the vitiligo stains of a model)

You will also need a concealer that is half or one tone lighter than your skin. Not lighter than that or it’ll look weird and not darker cause the effect won’t be the required. My one is in the palette, depending on how tanned I am.

#2. You will need a brush to apply concealer. Yes, you can do it with your finger, but it is always more pro and hygienic to do it with a brush. Also, you avoid rubbing your face and get wrinkles, so buy a brush! 😘 As you can see, it is flat with a rounded point, like a cat’s tongue. Also, it must be synthetic, as all the brushes you should use with liquid, creamy products.

Concealer Tips | Talc Cosmetics


#3. Examine your face to find imperfections. Look for red spots, red stains, pimples, acne scars, eye circles, freckles, colored stains, etc. Once you have spotted all the imperfections, proceed to use the appropriate concealers as indicated in #1.

Concealer Tips | Talc Cosmetics
Green and Orange


As you can see, I first apply green over the red stains and spots. And then I use orange to cover my eye circles. Usually, you only have to use it under the eye, but my eye circles are very dark and also affect how makeup look over my brow bone, so I have to go all around the eye.

#4. The beige concealer. Once you finish covering all your different imperfections, it’s time to apply the beige concealer. Make sure that the concealer tone is not more than half or one tone lighter than your skin. When you buy it, try it in your clean face skin.

Concealer Tips | Talc Cosmetics


Cover all the spots where you used colored concealers with the beige one. Plus, apply in the light triangle (under the eyes), sides of the nose, and corners of the lips.

Concealer Tips | Talc Cosmetics


#5. Blur the concealer and remove the excess of product with a small Beautyblender sponge. This is my one:

Concealer Tips | Talc Cosmetics


Use the sponge with a light tapping motion over the areas where you applied concealer to blur the product and get a uniform result. Don’t forget to remove the excess of product from wrinkles and skin folds, especially above and under the eyes.

Concealer Tips | Talc Cosmetics


I hope this tutorial helps you to use and apply concealer, which is a fundamental step in professional makeup. If you do it correctly, you will see the difference. To get better results, listen to my recommendations for basic skin care and check how to apply foundation after concealer. Let me know your thoughts and comments here below. Oh, and please share your pictures on Instagram with the hashtags #TalcCosmetics #TalcTutorials and I’ll repost them!

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