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Basic Skin Care – The Three Steps

Hello, gorgeous!

This is my essential tutorial for basic skincare. Take into account that this tutorial does not replace the advice of a dermatologist, so if you have any doubts or a specific issue, visit your trusted specialist. Also, I will explain the steps for normal, normal to dry, and normal to oily skin, but you need to choose the most appropriate products for your skin type, especially if you have sensitive skin or any specific skin problem. Ok, here we go.


1. Start by pulling your hair up and use a headpiece if you have one.

Basic Skin Care | Talc Cosmetics


2. Apply a face cleanser appropriate for your face. In my case, I have normal to oily skin, as you can see my “T” zone is shiny and the rest of the facial skin looks normal and it can become dry. I use a cleanser with a creamy texture, for normal to oily skin and appropriate for my age.

Basic Skin Care | Talc Cosmetics


3. Carefully use a towel to wipe your face and neck. Be very gentle and don’t rub your eyes. Your face must look shiner and a bit more pale than before.

Basic Skin Care | Talc Cosmetics



4. Apply a toner that suits your skin type. In my case, my oily skin gets toned with a gelly light texture. It isn’t too abrasive, but it mattifies the skin and prepares it for makeup (in the morning) or for a night of good sleep (at night). A facial toner is also always very refreshing, you’ll feel relieved.

Basic Skin Care | Talc Cosmetics



5. Apply a moisturizer specifically made for the eye area. This is the most delicate skin of your face and probably the entire body. You want to avoid wrinkles, eye circles, and bags under the eyes, so invest in a high-quality brand. Take into account your age when you choose the eye contour moisturizer because ingredients are also specific for each stage in life. Apply small dots of cream and extend with the tip of one finger, with a very gentle massage and without rubbing your skin.

Basic Skin Care | Talc Cosmetics


6. To finish, apply a moisturizing cream. Most brands have a cream to use in the morning (with SPF and PA protection), and an option for the night. Usually, the morning cream hydrates and the night cream repairs, but check some brands and choose the best options for you. Again, apply the cream in dots in all the face except the eyes, and gently massage it until it is not visible.

Basic Skin Care | Talc Cosmetics


That’s it, don’t you feel much better? I do! Now, some final recommendations.

  • In the morning, use an additional sunscreen if your moisturizer is SPF 25 or less. Sun damages are irreversible, so take it seriously.
  • If you are gonna apply makeup, don’t forget to use a primer to keep your makeup in place for more hours.
  • In both cases, morning and night, apply a lip balm to keep your lips soft and hydrated. Do you want to know how to keep your lips young and juicy? Stay tuned cause I’m preparing a mini-tutorial! Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to get these tips!

Basic Skin Care | Talc Cosmetics


Thank you! You are amazing! Remember to apply these tricks EVERY day, NEVER go to bed with makeup. This is the healthiest way to delay age effects and keep your skin looking always fabulous. Please, share your own skincare tips and favorite brands with us on Facebook and Instagram, we will feature you! Use the hashtag #TalcToMe.

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See you next time!




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